Sacred Ministries

The Sacred Ministries of the church attend to the preparation and maintenance of the aesthetic elements of Worship as well as the spiritual care and needs of the Pastor and visiting ministers. These ministries are: Altar Guild; Armor Bearers; Shepherd’s Care; Stewardess; Usher Board.

Usher Board

The primary duties of ushers, also known as the doorkeepers, are to greet worshippers and direct their entry into the sanctuary.

The following Usher Boards serve on a rotational basis:

Senior Usher Board
Richard and Sarah Allen
Next Generation (ages 18-30)
Youth Board (ages 8-16)

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the altar for worship and provides care and maintenance of its sacred articles.


ArmorBearers provide additional levels of safety for the minister and congregants of the church. They direct and instruct ministries in the church in areas of medical, fire and other emergency procedures.

Shepherd’s Care

Women appointed to this ministry provide for the care and welfare of the pastor and guest ministers.

Stewardess Board

The Stewardess Board is comprised of a dedicated group of Christian women, selected by the Pastor, who serve by preparing the elements of Holy Communion, assisting in the Baptism rite and the receiving of new members into the church.