The Commission on Christian & Social Relations (C.C.S.R)

This organization serves as an advocate voice for change by heightening the sensitivity of the congregation to current issues. It promotes social and ethnic awareness focusing on issues such as temperance, health, education, world peace, race relations, and social affairs. Activities include Town Hall Meetings with Political Representatives, Historical Trips, Black History Luncheon, and Expungement Fair.

The Commission on Stewardship and Finance

The Commission on Stewardship and Finance shall promote and cultivate Christian stewardship and administer the financial program of the church. This commission is concerned with the financial responsibilities and accountability of the church.

Oak Grove Lay Organization

As an official training arm of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Lay Organization is dedicated to promoting the holistic, and general well-being of our Zion. Additionally the Lay organization is committed to keeping alive the sacred memory of our illustrious founder, Richard Allen. The aim and objectives of the Lay Organization are outlined in the Book of Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. All persons, except members of the clergy, are known as lay members or the laity and are encouraged to join the Lay Organization.

Nancy Marsh Women’s Missionary Society

The Women’s Missionary Society is committed to witness by participating in ministry beyond the congregation by knowing the community and partnering with community and social service agencies, promoting advocacy by urging and encouraging members of inter-generational caring women; and providing opportunities for mission and education. The Women’s Missionary Society is called to strengthen their faith and sent to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world.

Young People’s Division (YPD)

Under the umbrella of the Women’s Missionary Society, the Y.P.D. provides youth training programs for ages 2-26 in all areas of church life that will lead to full participation and leadership opportunities. It is the intent of the Y.P.D. to increase the knowledge and understanding of the A.M.E.C. history, mission and the Word of God in youth and young adults.