Rooted in God’s promises and equipped with a soul winning mission, Ministry to Women empowers the spiritual transformation of faith into action. During the course of the conference year, the Ministry to Women sponsors a series of faith-based activities designed to educate, evaluate, and cultivate meaningful experiences that will enhance the lives of everyone in the community.

Women’s Day

Women’s Season begins in January with Women’s Consecration Service. Women are invited to participate in a series of spiritually based events that will lead up to the Women’s Day Celebration.

Barbara Evans Prayer Band

This ministry is inspired by the Holy Spirit to intercede and pray for the church. Prayer warriors meet in the sanctuary prior to worship and celebrations to ask for God’s anointing, presence and power.

Women Connected Ministry

Women Connected, a service component of the Women’s Ministry is guided by three fundamental objectives: to identify, support and nurture the concerns of women within the church.

Ministry to Men

The Men of Oak Grove strive to lead in their communities, families, neighborhoods, and in the church as they have been taught according to the scriptures in Proverbs 27:17, “As Iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.”

The Master’s Men

Inspired by men whose lives have been touched by God, the Master’s Men of Oak Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church is a ministry of Christian brothers committed to bringing men to a higher dimension of spirituality.

Men’s Hour of Power

Men are afforded an opportunity to grow in the Word of God with a major focus on establishing a strong prayer life.

Men’s Day

Men’s Day is a celebration that is the culmination of a spiritual journey that unites men with God and enhances the growth and strength of their brotherhood. Men’s Day affords each man an opportunity to reflect and celebrate upon his relationship with the Lord.

Brothers of Abraham

The Brothers of Abraham are men who wear the badge of Master’s Men proudly and who provide counsel to children of the church, particularly to those who have no living or functional father.

Brothers of Aaron

Every Sunday morning and at all special events, members of the Brothers of Aaron ministry are positioned at each entrance door to greet and assist worshipers.