Ministry of Music

The Ministry of Music assembles on the exhorting of “Let Everything that Has Breath, Praise Ye the Lord!” Gifted musicians, Directors, and praise vocalists join together to lift the name of God in song during the worship experience. Find your place in one or more of our five choirs: Voices of Praise; NuLife; New DiMENsion; Sunbeam; MASS Choir; Praise Team.

Voices of Praise

The Women’s Choir is open to women and young adult women ages 18 and older. They minister in song on the second Sunday of each month and other designated occasions.


NuLife Choir offers an opportunity for teens and young adults ages 13-40 to minister together primarily through contemporary gospel. NuLife ministers on third Sunday of each month and other designated occasions.

New DiMENsion

The New Dimension Choir is open to men of all ages who are proud of their heritage and unapologetically Christian. The music ministry they provide includes songs ranging from traditional hymns to gospel. They minister in song on the fourth Sunday of each month and other designated occasions.

Oak Grove Mass Choir

The Oak Grove Mass Choir is the most diverse choir. It consists of teens and adults from all choirs. The Oak Grove Mass Choir primarily ministers on the first Sunday of each month and other designated occasions.

Praise Team

The Praise Team is comprised of a group of select anointed singers, which represent the choirs of our music ministry department. They sing at designated occasions.


The Sunbeam Choir is an integral source of our music ministry for children ages 3-12, where they learn choir etiquette as their voices are trained to minister to the congregation in song. They minister on the third Sunday at the 11:00 a.m. Worship.

Information Media Ministry

The Media Ministry skillfully monitors and regulates the sanctuary’s sound system. This ministry is also responsible for electronic video monitors, recording, duplicating and distributing CDs of Sunday worship and other special events.

Vessels of Grace

The dance ministry assists in invoking the Holy Spirit into the worship service with prophetic and interpretive dance. They consists of two groups: youth ages 6-18 and adults 18 and above.